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Latest Advia Credit Union CD Rates in 2023 ?

In this blog, we are going to see what Advia Credit Union CD rates are and a list of some other financial institutions that have higher CD rates. We also mentioned video below in which you can get CD rates up to 6%..

What is Advia Credit Union?

what is advia credit union

A credit union that provides financial products like checking and savings accounts, loans (personal and auto loans),
Investment in various fields, including credit cards and insurance. Advia also provides mobile banking services for convenience.
of the customers.

How was it established?

It was established as a non-profit financial institution in 1938 and became official on January 1, 2014. Currently, Advia Credit Union provides
Services in multiple states of the United States, like Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

What is Certificate of Deposit (CD) ?

what is certificate of deposits

CD is an acronym for Certificate of Deposit, in which a fixed amount of money is deposited by a customer of that financial institution for certain
period of time. As the duration of the deposit increases, the interest rate paid by the financial institution changes.

What are CD rates?

CD rates are the amount of interest paid by the bank on your certificate of deposit. Every bank has its own CD rates for various durations.

Types of CD Accounts You Can Open at Advia Credit Union

types of account in advia credit union

1. Regular CD:

Minimum Deposit$500
Flexibility 3 to 60 Month
Interest PaidMonthly
Extra BenefitsAdditional 0.25% APY with Advantage Plus Rewards.

2. EZ-Saver CD:

Minimum Deposit$50
Terms 6, 12, and 24- Month
Interest PaidMonthly
DepositsUnlimited throughout the term

Latest Advia Credit Union CD rates

advia credit union CD rates
Account TypeDividend Rate
Regular CD 3-Month0.698%
Regular CD 6-Month0.896%
Regular CD 12-Month1.094%
Regular CD 14-Month Promo3.929%
Regular CD 21-Month Promo3.494%
Regular CD 24-Month1.243%
Regular CD 36-Month1.243%
Regular CD 48-Month1.884%
Regular CD 56-Month Promo3.735%
Regular CD 60-Month2.227%

Best CD rates offered by other financial institutions

Financial Institution NameAPY rate with Duration About Institution
CFG Bank:5.28% APY – 1-year CDAbout CFG Bank: The asset value of CFG Bank is $4.1 billion, and it is privately owned and FDIC-insured. Community bank
Barclays Online:4.90% APY – 1-year CDAbout Barclays Online: It is British Universal Bank, which mainly focuses on retail, small, and large businesses. by their investment banking services
Ally Bank:4.80% APY – 18-month CDAbout Ally Bank: This bank is famous for the low fees it charges its customers and the zero account balance requirement. They also provide competitive rates. Started in 2009, and its headquarters are located in Sandy, Utah.
Bread Savings:5.20% APY – 1-year CDAbout Bread Savings: This is an online bank with high certificate of deposit rates. The disadvantage of this bank is that it does not provide ATM services. That’s why you won’t find any debit or credit card services.
BMO Harris:5.10% APY – 1-year CDAbout BMO Harris: The headquarters are located in Chicago and work as an American National Bank. 
Their services include chequing, mortgages, investment loans, savings, etc.
Quontic Bank:4.75% APY – 1-year CDQuontic Bank is a digital bank that provides various financial services across the US. 
Headquarters are located in New York City, and CEO Steve Schnall
Synchrony Bank:5.00% APY – 6-month CDSynchrony Bank is a consumer financial services company with its headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut, US. They provide premium credit 
solutions to their customers.

How do I open a digital account at Advia Credit Union?

  1. Visit: 
  2. Click: Digital Banking Login then Click on “Enroll” (add personal information here) and click on Continue.
    Note: If you get an error while logging in, try using a different login ID.
    Still, if you’re facing an issue, Call 8442384228.
  3. Click Continue with your login ID, and for security purposes, Advia will send a “Security Access Code” via text or email.
  4. Insert your secure access code and click on “Submit. 
  5. Make a unique and strong password and submit it.
  6. Before submitting your profile, review your information twice and click on Submit.
  7. Read the mobile agreement and click on Submit. 
    Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to Advia Credit Union.

6% CD Rates – Watch Video given below


a. How big are the assets of Advia Credit Union?

$2.6 billion

b. Who has the biggest credit union?

Navy FederalĀ 

c. Who is the best credit union?

Alliant Credit Union

d. What bank is the best to use?

TD Bank, U.S. Bank, and Chase Bank are the best to use.

e. Do Advia CD Rates Change?

Yes, Advia CD Rates Changes

d. Is Advia Credit Union CD Rates are highest one ?

Advia Credit Union CD Rates are not too high or too low, we can say that interest rate are moderate.


A certificate of deposit is an amount deposited by the customer with its financial institution. CD rates are the amount of interest paid by financial
Institution to its customer. CD rates are not fixed for all financial institutions; they vary based on the duration and amount deposited by the customer.
We gave the CD rates of Advia Credit Union Group and also discussed various other financial institutions that provide certificates of deposit.

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