12 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts!

A career in real estate is one of the most fruitful options, but one must have the mindset to learn things quickly to make it a successful career. Here, growth opportunities are there because demand for homes is increasing continuously. In this article, we figured out the 12 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts and the skills required for those jobs.

Q. What are Real Estate Investment Trust and how do they work?

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs are organizations that invest their funds in various real estate projects like apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

Multiple Investors Invest in one REIT, and these Real Estate Investment Trusts have a diversified portfolio in these physical properties.

Q. What are the 12 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Based on our research, we provided list of some best paying jobs in REIT.

1. CEO Position: A person who guides, directs, and is responsible for the overall growth of a REIT can be appointed CEO. In monetary terms, it is one of the top-level and highest-paying jobs. Certain skills required to be a top-level CEO are visionary, effective decision-maker, opportunity grabber, etc.

2. CIO: A chief investment officer is a person who takes responsibility for managing funds in the best possible way. Managing portfolios and finding disposition opportunities are some of the core roles of the CIO. If somebody wants to apply for this position, then experience managing portfolios is a must.

3. CFO: Definitely, this sector want someone who will manage all financial activities like managing financial risk, budgeting, and financial planning. As a Chief Financial Officer, you can apply for this position.

4. COO: The Chief Operating Officer is a person who supervises and ensures that every activity is going in the right direction or not. REIT’s COO’s work is to ensure the working of various departments and implement strategies.

5. Portfolio Manager:- This sector have various projects and properties, and the collection of these is known as a portfolio. The portfolio manager optimizes the returns in overall investment, property leasing, and acquisition. If you want to opt for this position, then experience in real estate is a must.

6. Real estate investment analyst: This role is for those who know the practical scenarios of the real estate market. They are the ones who do research on real estate and find profitable opportunities. 

7. Asset Manager: If you have the capabilities to maximize the profitability of assets Real Estate Firms, then this is your best position. The asset manager works as a profitability enhancer for the current Real Estate Investment Trust’s asset value. A keen eye on the market price and value of assets and their potential growth is a must.

8. Marketing Manager: No matter which business it is, marketing is a must. To attract more investors and launch new REIT perks and schemes, a marketing manager is required. This leads to indirect growth for this sector

9. Acquisition Manager: There are times when Real Estate Investment Trust acquire assets, and to complete this acquisition process, there is a requirement for an acquisition manager. It is one of the best REIT jobs because it helps to expand that firm with effective strategy. The key role of the acquisition manager is the evaluation of potential real estate investments.

10. Lawyer: Dealing in real estate requires lots of legal work, and here, lawyers are needed. A lawyer understands the legal terms that Real Estate Investment Trust’s require most.

11. Investment Manager: Investment managers are the ones who maintain relationships with investors and ensure compliance with investment guidelines.

12. Fund Manager: Every Real Estate Investment Trust needs a fund manager so that the allocation of funds and fund-raising activities are aligned in a useful direction.

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What are the top 5 skills to boost a career opportunities in REIT ?

career in REIT

1. Deep Knowledge of Real Estate: Without having proper knowledge of real estate, you become steady in one place in REIT. Deep knowledge means property valuation, market analysis, property management, leasing, and development. 

2. Skills to Manage Portfolio: Managing portfolios is the core work in this sector, and developing skills in it boosts your career. Risk management, diversification, and portfolio strategies are some of the core skills.

3. Knowledge of Technical Software: There are some real estate software programs that help to make effective decisions and manage portfolios.

4. Legal Knowledge: Legal knowledge about real estate is the foundation of Real Estate Investment Trust. Deep knowledge of taxation, property rights, and legal agreements is beneficial to a career in this sector.

5. Communication Skills: Some people underestimate communication skills as a boosting factor in a career, but good communicators crack deals, convince more investors, and negotiate with clients.

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Is a REIT investment worth it?

Yes, According to reit.com, $4.5 trillion has been invested by the USA in REITs. Just like mutual funds, investors across the world invest in this without having huge funds.

In which instruments does they invest? 

They mostly invest in Data centers, Warehouses, Apartments, Offices, and Homes.

Can I get a job in this sector without having a degree?

Yes, you may get a job if you don’t have any formal degree, but initially, the pay would be low and you would have to start your career at the junior level.

What I can learn while working in this sector

You can learn various skills like relationship-building skills, negotiation skills, portfolio management skills, and the basics of real estate.

What type of real estate investment makes the most money?

Residential and Commercial properties makes most money in this sector.

Does working at a REIT pay well?

Yes, There are various Jobs which pays well in this sector. Positions like CEO, CFO, COO are some high paying Jobs. It pays well and annual salary is $109,784 approx. It is average salary

How much money can I earn with a REIT?

Average salary in this sector is $100,000 + but it totally depends on skill and knowledge of that person.

Is real estate investment trust worth it?

Yes, You can trust in investment in Real Estate but there are chances of Fraud but beware and contact with genuine Agent.


There are various high-paying jobs in REITs because the ticket size of real estate is high compared to other investment tools. As a fresher, one must start with a moderate level of income, apart from expecting a high salary. Your salary would gradually increase as you learned and progress, but one must start with the basics.

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